Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

J.S Hut Lime n Soda Beach Front Resort Great Bay Bungalow Haad Yao Natural Resort The Pool Villa Seetanu Bungalows Sabai Beach Resort Beach 99 Sandy Bay Holiday Beach Resort Tranquil Resort Phatchara Guesthouse Buakao Inn Haad Yao Villa Haad Yao High Life Phangan Buri Resort and Spa Santhiya Resort and Spa Hill Side House Salad Buri Resort and Spa Mai Tai Villa Chantaramas Resort and Spa B52 Beach Resort Stone Hill Resort and Amsterdam Bar Stonewall Bungalow Siripun Bungalow Koh Ma Resort Serenity Villas Coconut Beach Bungalow Moon Beach Bungalows Shangrilabeach Resort Becks Resort Bounty Resort

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
The picture perfect nature all around Power Beach Bungalow is truly impressive with an abundance of tropical plants and fauna, some real big trees and many palm trees spread throughout.

Power Resort.
The fan the south and restaurant with cable TV and suitable for beautiful and hot water as standard. The cosy bungalows on the island hut style bamboo bungalows.


Koh Phangan. If you ask me you ask me you busy. The weather condition in Thailandis extremely equatorial, warm and wet. Often weather season changes are influenced by monsoons that make three contrasting weather seasons in Northern and Central Siam and 2 other seasons in Southern Siam. The south-west monsoon approx May to October has intensive downfall and cloudy, the north-east monsoon around November to Mar is rainless and relatively colder. Located inside the Gulf of Thailand Phanganis the next island to the long time established tourist destination of SamuiIsland which more than one million tourists every year. The island is in the middle of a tropical paradisewith a lot of postcard like palms and green turquoise waters.

Koh Panghan's monthly Fullmoon party when the small in advance. The only exemption from the otherwise relaxed and quite Haad Rin East Side transforms to a dance clubs made of sand. If you dislike huge party's or very loud music, do not worry on Koh Phangan are many nice bays, that are all over the Accommodation in a budget Koh Maa and Chaloklumare a few of the really best visted ones.

Koh Panghan are having a few attractions around on Phangan Island The place is approximately two and half hours from island a lot of island offers a interesting nightlife, everything from typical Karaoke bars, Pubs to real Clubs and bigger Night Clubs. The climate in Thailandcan be exceedingly equatorial, warm and humid. The season are influenced by monsoons which create three contrasting weather seasons in Northern and Central Siam and two other seasons in Southern Thailand. Monsoon in the southern areas approx May to Oct is warm and the sky is cloud covered, whereas in the northeast monsoon around Nov to Mar is dry and comparatively cool. You can use the roads to HaadRin, but you have been warned that the concrete roads are not in the best state and unless you are a good motorcycle rider then do not try to get to Had Rin, as most accidents involving motorbikes happen in this area. Our advice is to leave your scooter at the 7/11 at Baan Tai and pay approx 50 Baht for a pick up over the mountains to Had Rin.